AMS Forex Bot

The Ams bot is a unique tool that relies solely on price action and market dynamics to identify hidden market structures that may not be easily visible to traders.

Who is this bot for?

AMS Bot removes emotions from trades, optimizes trade execution, place orders instantly, and potentially reduce risk with Trailing stops and breakeven ability.

Quick Trading

With every other factor set to the right levels, as per your comfort and liking, you can now kickstart your trading journey through our Bot and enjoy the benefits of a highly automated and smart trading ecosystem from anywhere in the world

Real Trading

The power of tech-driven trading algos, immune to emotional decision-making, paving path for highly disciplined & rewarding trading strategies


Risk Management

Stay shielded from market volatality and turbulences by adding in your specific risk appetite into the trading algorithm equation and our Bot will take care of the rest

Mode Selection

You have the flexibility to choose the trading style that suits you best with Ams Bot. It can function as either a scalping Bot or a Swing bot, depending on your preference. The decision is entirely up to you.


Trade currency pairs



/6 months



Automate your business



/6 months


Time downloaded

This is the best Trading bot for you

Ams win rate is subjective to how many trades it takes, and the overall win is 70% to 85%. Unlike every other bot, ams robot handles losses properly with statically placed Stoplosses and a quick agile mechanism to quickly secure partials once market moves in profit of 1:1

What you will Get

A well-documented video of how to use the AMS Bot, life-time Support with community of users and updates on robot functionality

An easy-to-use interface

A simple and straightforward interface to take trades.

Best Execution

Trades are often executed at the best possible prices.

No Human Error

Reduced risk of manual errors or mistakes when placing trades.

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Simple steps will guide you

Never before seen features in the Trading space, made available under a common umbrella!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the bot fully automated?

The ams robot was designed to take trading off your hands but not at first launch which means you have to set it up and let it run.

Does the bot take losses ?

The ams robot takes loses because it is also trading the same market as everybody but it has been built to withstand market manipulation and has a computable risk to reward ratio which can quickly cover up losses in 1 trade.

Is the Ams bot a one time payment ?

The robot has been designed to build a strong community of investors and traders around its eco system and such requires updates and new versions with maintainance. So the robot is scheduled on subscription mode to serve the community better.

Can the robot be used on phones ?

The ams robot can be used on phone with the help of remote desktop app and vps to keep the bot running even if your phone run out of power.
This does not damage your phone in anyway as the robot is working through a cloud server and can be up 24/7 without interference

if you made a payment and cannot access your download link, please click on the top menu and click on download. 

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